The LOKI range are the latest addition the Nordic Stage arsenal. As a contrast to its light class predecessors such as the Areal, Areal Pro and Artists, Loki rods are all-rounders. It’s main feature is the very tough mid section of the blank which allows the ability to strike firm and decisively. The top grade Japanese materials of the blanks give unparalleled sensitivity and enhance both your enjoyment and your ability to land fish. The tips of the 672 & 702 are hard enough for twitching and cranking hard bodies, while the models from 722 and up are slightly softer making them ideal for sensitive plastics fishing.
-     Fast action for a better lure presentation
-     Reinforced butt and mid sections
-     High-modulus carbon construction for a fast, crisp action
-     Low-resin technology for lighter and stiffer blanks
-     Tangle-free Kigan-Z guides
-     Fuji reel seat
-     EVA handle, split rear grip

  Length (m) Lure
Wt (gr)
Line (lb) Rings Handle
This is the correct way to calculate handle length of Nordic Stage rods:
video (kg)
LKS-692LML 2.06 3-14 4-8 Kigan Coalite ZH+Z 270 Low Resin 126 €
LKS-702ML 2.13 4-18 5-10 Kigan Coalite ZH+Z 280 Low Resin 128 €
LKS-722ULL 2.18 1-7 3-6 Kigan Coalite ZH+Z 280 Low Resin 130 €
LKS-732L 2.21 2-10 3-6 Kigan Coalite ZH+Z 290 Low Resin 130 €
LKS-742LML 2.24 3-14 4-8 Kigan Coalite ZH+Z 300 Low Resin 132 €
LKS-752ML 2.26 4-18 5-10 Kigan Coalite ZH+Z 300 Low Resin 135 €