The “Artists” are a range of premium light and ultra-light spinning rods designed by RDL to ensure the highest level of performance. The new ARTIST rods feature an extremely slim and stiff blank, rather unusual in the ultra-light class. The fine, light and stiff tip improves the casting accuracy greatly, while a special blank taper provides an extended casting range. The unique X-Torque technology reduces sideways torque, making casts even more precise. The new tangle-free Kigan 5G guides are extremely light and do not affect the action of the rod. Each rod in the range is designed for specific lures weights and styles, yet also offers a certain amount of versatility within its specialization.
- Ultra-low weight
- Slim and stiff blank for precise casts and total fish control
- Low-resin and high-modulus carbon fibre prepreg
- Tangle-free Kigan 5G guides for extreme weight savings
- Fuji reel seat
- Premium-grade cork handle

  Length (m) Lure
Wt (gr)
Line (lb) Rings Weight (gr) Top
Wt (gr)
This is the correct way to calculate handle length of Nordic Stage rods:
video (kg)
ATS-662ULX 1.98 1-7 2-6 Kigan Titanium 5G 95 10 240 Low Resin+X torque 3 300 €
ATS-702LX 2.13 1.5-8 2-6 Kigan Titanium 5G 99 11 250 Low Resin+X torque 3 315 €
ATS-732LX 2.21 2-10 3-8 Kigan Titanium 5G 105 13 280 Low Resin+X torque 4 320 €
ATS-762LX 2.28 3-12 3-8 Kigan Titanium 5G 112 14 290 Low Resin+X torque 4 325 €