High sensitivity is a must for a soft plastic rod. The "Scouts" are an extremely sensitive rod conducting even the lightest of strikes through to the angler’s hand. Fast and stiff blanks are especially suitable for fishing soft plastics in flowing water. The shorter models in this rod range will also work well as crank bait rods. All SCOUTS feature reinforced butt and middle sections delivering plenty of muscle when you need to pull hooked fish up and away from snags.
- Wide lure weight range
- Fast, sonorous blank
- Reinforced butt and middle sections
- Low-resin carbon fibre prepreg
- Tangle-free Kigan guides
- Fuji reel seat
- Black EVA handle, split rear grip

  Length (m) Lure
Wt (gr)
Line (lb) Rings Weight (gr) Top
Wt (gr)
This is the correct way to calculate handle width of Nordic Stage rods:
video (kg)
SCS-782M 2.34 7-25 6-14 Kigan Coalite Z 131 19 300 Low Resin 6 $ 386
SCS-802MH 2.44 12-42 10-22 Kigan Coalite Z 138 22 310 Low Resin 9 $ 398
SCS-852MMH 2.57 10-32 8-16 Kigan Coalite Z 142 22 320 Low Resin 7 $ 413
SCS-902H 2.74 16-49 12-30 Kigan Coalite Z 167 30 330 Low Resin 12 $ 460
Attacking The Rocks...
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It has been a long interesting process but the stones are starting to become familar territory... Now do not get me wrong, there will be forever more to learn and nearly each trip provides more surprises for us but the results are getting more and more consistant. The fish can be surprisingly spooky as we are not talking about a distant renote location. This leads to us using the lightest gear we can get away with which while producing a lot more hook ups, certainly equals a lot more smokings! Although surface is great fun plastics are the most productive lures worked with 20-30lb braid and 30-40lb leader. As robust as this seems and although this lb class is bale to wrangle some decent fish, there are still some absolute freight trains to appear to have no idea they are hooked. Rods of choice have included the 20lb 7.8 Dynamic, 10-22lb Cheater and 30lb 9 foot Scout. It is out firm hope by the end of the year to have at least a 1m Kingy and 90cm GT to show for our first! Good ...
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Author: Angus
Published: 2015-03-04
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Hervey Bay Trip: Trevally Town!
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Did a road trip with dad yesterday and spent the day on Hervey Bay with Andrew Chorley from Hervey Bay Fly & Sportsfishing...  The original plan was to head out chasing Tuna which was not to be as easy as hoped for two key reasons...  1: A 20 knot SE made heading far out of the Islands protection tough to say the least.  2: 6 Tuna were actually hooked with each one becoming shark food within a minute or so.  We made the executive decision to save more tuna becoming shark food and look for something else.  This is what I love about Andrew's knowledge and mind set... If something if not working he always seems to find something else to do. Yesterday it turned out to me copious trevally! Dad was the first to hook up with a solid Golden on a Nordic Stage Scout. A first for him on several accounts being style of fishing, species of fish etc... Soon we found the brassy trevs and they started coming in thick and fast with my Nordic Stage Dynamic F1 doing the hard ...
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Author: Angus
Published: 2015-03-04
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Putting The Nordic Stage Cheater To The Test
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Recently I embarked on a trip that has been a long time in the making to the pristine wild rivers of West New Britain Province in PNG. I was to be the guest of Riccard Reimann who owns and operates Baia Sportsfishing, without a doubt the premier Black Bass sport fishing operations in the world. Needless to say the target species was to be the infamous black bass and their close cousins the spot tail bass would also be on the hit list. With everyone else on the trip toting rods in the 40-60lb class I was feeling bold and a little trepidations with my new Nordic Stage 10-22lb Cheater. Although being light in comparison to other peoples arsenal it was the heaviest rod in mine and I was dead keen on sticking to the Nordic Stage stable for the trip. To make a long story short... I was very pleased I did as the rod performed beautifully. 12lb's of spot tail subdued by the Nordic Stage Cheater... A full understanding of the gears limitations were needed as I went into the chase as I was running 30lb braid ...
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Author: Angus
Published: 2014-11-12
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Testing the waters
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It's been a long time between drinks for me and I was quick to say yes when Chris offered to take me out in the bay. The crisp morning and beautiful sunrise of oranges, pinks and blues quickly reminded me of why I love get up a stupid o'clock and do everything I can to get out and fish.                     On board with us today I brought with me a few of the newer rods in our stables so I could continue to learn the details of some that I had already fished with and then to learn the new details in ones that I had yet to fish with. The Areal Pro 7 and Artist 7"6 were the rods I was already familiar with. Both similar on paper but boy are they different in the hand. I'd paired these with an Exist 1003 and Luvito 206 respectively. The Scout 9" 30lb and Dynamic 6"2 14lb were the 2 that I had yet to really play with and I was hoping to really hook up on those to see what they can do under pressure. ...
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Author: Do$tylz
Published: 2014-07-08
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