Welcome to the world of ultra-light plastics! There is a common misconception about this style of fishing as many people associate small plastics with small fish. This is simply not the case. A micro small plastics along with a suitable gear and location can be a perfect weapon to hunt bigger specimens.  Land based rock fishermen will love this rod! The "Joker MJ" will cast miniature plastics accurately over a long distance and its super sensitive tip will show you even the most delicate bite. Once a fish is hooked, the powerful butt comes into action and helps you to land your quarry quickly and safely. With the JOKER MJ you are optimally equipped and prepared for all eventualities.
- Fast, crisp blank
- Ultra-sensitive tip for a perfect bite indication
- Powerful butt section for big fish
- Low-resin carbon fibre prepreg
- Tangle-free Kigan guides
- Fuji reel seat
- Black EVA handle, split rear grip