Nordic Stage — The Obsession Is Only The Beginning

Nordic Stage aims to produce exclusive, highly specialized fishing rods. We use the finest materials and leading-edge technologies to produce precision instruments that help the angler to concentrate on his fishing and to enjoy it.
Nordic Stage spinning rods first appeared at the Tackle Trade World Fair in Amsterdam in 2008 and quickly attracted the attention of anglers. It wasn’t long before their fame spread far beyond the European borders and by 2012 had gained a foothold in the Australian market. The very first rod to ever hit Australian shores was a sample of the Nordic Stage Areal Gunslinger. The extreme lightness, sensitivity and overall aesthetic quickly captures the attention of the team from Obsession Fishing Pty Ltd (Angus Gorrie and Henry Do) and before long a shipment had been ordered.
Nordic Stage rods gained popularity in Australia 
 Directors of Obsession Fishing Pty Ltd: Angus Gorrie at the 2013 AFTA Show & Henry Do with a finesse caught barra
The "Areal" range of rods became an instrant success generating a cult like following in several areas of Australia. It was the perfect flag ship for the rnage appealing to top class tournament anglers while still competing well with comparible competition. From there the range expanded and as the team at Obsession Fishing have commenced working even closer with their parent company in Russia we can not ony expect to see more growth in range, but more and more specilised R&D specifically applies to Australian conditions.
A new era for Nordic Stage began in 2013. Norstream’s leading rod developers and promoters Armon Ikramov and Kirill Guschin started a new project for the Russian market. They developed further the original concept of Norstream rods and joined efforts with an American company, the Rods Development Lab, to create the exclusive Nordic Stage Russian Rod Collection. The commitment to R&D which first attrached Henry and Angus to this brand lives on and is even enhanced with this new alliance. We look forward to big things!
The combination of the experience and the skills of talented rod designers with modern Japanese low resin prepregs and the new X-Torque technology resulted in several ranges of amazing spinning rods, each range dedicated to a specific fishing technique such as jigging or twitching. Due to a fine tuned co-operation between designers, field testers and manufacturers, all models were developed and thoroughly tested in a very short time. The final samples were ready early enough to be shown at the International exhibition «Hunting and Fishing in Russia» in February 2014.

we look forward to to this new range of Nordic Stage rods being available in Australia later in 2014. We have also collaborating with RDL to create some other interesting rods for the Australian market including both BC and Popping options. A huge ammount of engergy has be invested into ensuring these will be paramount examples of their niches.