These fast and stiff rods designed for modern twitching techniques are available in several versions to suit different lures. For each lure weight range, there are two rods in different lengths. The longer versions feature a slightly softer tip and can also be applied to soft plastic fishing. The shorter ones are ideally suited to twitching hard baits. The "Cheaters" live up to their name: their appearance is deceptive. It is amazing to experience rods so stiff that work so well with the lightest lures, and this resulting finesse can still tame big fish. Under load, the blank will bend progressively with no lock-ups. It has just enough give in the tip to stand up to heavier lures and, on the other side, to make light lures work perfectly. In this way, the CHEATER gives you full control over every lure within the recommended weight range. By varying the pattern of twitching, you can precisely direct the lure’s movement.
- Extra-wide lure weight range
- Slim and stiff blank for precise lure control
- Progressive bend with no lock-ups
- Low-resin carbon fibre prepreg
- Ultra-low rod weight
- Tangle-free Kigan guides
- Fuji reel seat
- Brown EVA handle, split rear grip

  Length (m) Lure
Wt (gr)
Line (lb) Rings Weight (gr) Top
Wt (gr)
This is the correct way to calculate handle width of Nordic Stage rods:
video (kg)
CHS-672M 2.00 7-21 6-14 Kigan Coalite Z 106 17 290 Low Resin 6 $ 349
CHS-692MH 2.06 12-35 10-22 Kigan Coalite Z 115 19 300 Low Resin 9 $ 375
CHS-722L 2.18 3-12 4-10 Kigan Coalite Z 107 16 300 Low Resin 4 $ 376
CHS-732ML 2.21 5-18 5-12 Kigan Coalite Z 108 17 320 Low Resin 5 $ 375
CHS-762MMH 2.29 10-28 8-16 Kigan Coalite Z 121 20 320 Low Resin 7 $ 381
CHS-772MH 2.31 12-35 10-22 Kigan Coalite Z 123 22 320 Low Resin 9 $ 391
Jacks On Kilts...
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Well with the new Kilt Collection out in the field as the weather has been warming up one natural target for the Nordic Crew has been mangrove jacks. The Nordic Stage Cheater has been so far extremely successful as spin option for these hard hitting fiesty critters. With the ability to feel super finesse but still punch hard these rods have been employed very successfully with both plastics and suface lures chasing down jacks. Kayak fishermen in particular have been enjoyign the sub 7 foot models and it is the CHS-672M and CHS-692MH that have taking most casulaties in this arena. It has been in the custom Artist builds however that we have been seeing the crazy results. The Cheater is quite intentially deisgned to tackle hard hitting, brutal fish. However, the Artist, being an ultra finesse light tackle rod is not exactly what we would upsell as a jack rod. Despite this, Ian Ferguson and Ian Goebel using their own respective custom built Nordic Stage Artist rods have been landing some very ...
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Author: Angus
Published: 2015-12-13
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Cheaters Dominate In PNG
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Well we just got back from our 2015 PNG trip and what can we say! The trip was amazing and so much more than I hoped it would be. Baia is simply phenomenal offering so many river and bluewater opportunities. The lodge itself was top notch and the fishing was out of this world. Way more surface action than the last trip as well which is always a highlight. Sef, Henry and myself headed to the furthermost river for our first days foray to cast up some blacks... The blacks were there in good numbers and so were a lot of quality jacks... Henry and I both opted for Nordic Stage Cheater combo's, namely the CHS-672M and CHS-692MH... On the way to the Torio there were also some good bluewater captures including mahi mahi and yellow fin caught using the Cheaters as well... CHS-772MH, CHS-672M and CHS-692MH doing the damage. The fish of the trip were caught in a Pandi including a world class fish going to Henry... 36.6lb's of Spot Tail bass caught on his Nordic Stage Cheater CHS-672M... ...
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Author: Angus
Published: 2015-12-08
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Deep Water Cheater
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Most of the work I have done thus far with the Nordic Stage has been shallower water, cracking hards and jigging plastics out of snags etc. However recently I decided to put my Nordic Stage Cheater CHS-692MH to the test with plastics in about 70 meters of water. The decision turned out to be a good one with the rod relaying all hits very rapidly up through the blank into my hand. Although I use a longer model (CHS-772MH) for a lot of my casting from rocks or even boat, the shorter  CHS-692MH  was perfect for this deeper more verticle angling allowing for a more rapid pump and wind. It is something I look forward to trying out more over the holiday period on the reefs arounf SEQLD.  
Author: Angus
Published: 2015-12-08
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Attacking The Rocks...
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It has been a long interesting process but the stones are starting to become familar territory... Now do not get me wrong, there will be forever more to learn and nearly each trip provides more surprises for us but the results are getting more and more consistant. The fish can be surprisingly spooky as we are not talking about a distant renote location. This leads to us using the lightest gear we can get away with which while producing a lot more hook ups, certainly equals a lot more smokings! Although surface is great fun plastics are the most productive lures worked with 20-30lb braid and 30-40lb leader. As robust as this seems and although this lb class is bale to wrangle some decent fish, there are still some absolute freight trains to appear to have no idea they are hooked. Rods of choice have included the 20lb 7.8 Dynamic, 10-22lb Cheater and 30lb 9 foot Scout. It is out firm hope by the end of the year to have at least a 1m Kingy and 90cm GT to show for our first! Good ...
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Author: Angus
Published: 2015-03-04
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Putting The Nordic Stage Cheater To The Test
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Recently I embarked on a trip that has been a long time in the making to the pristine wild rivers of West New Britain Province in PNG. I was to be the guest of Riccard Reimann who owns and operates Baia Sportsfishing, without a doubt the premier Black Bass sport fishing operations in the world. Needless to say the target species was to be the infamous black bass and their close cousins the spot tail bass would also be on the hit list. With everyone else on the trip toting rods in the 40-60lb class I was feeling bold and a little trepidations with my new Nordic Stage 10-22lb Cheater. Although being light in comparison to other peoples arsenal it was the heaviest rod in mine and I was dead keen on sticking to the Nordic Stage stable for the trip. To make a long story short... I was very pleased I did as the rod performed beautifully. 12lb's of spot tail subdued by the Nordic Stage Cheater... A full understanding of the gears limitations were needed as I went into the chase as I was running 30lb braid ...
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Author: Angus
Published: 2014-11-12
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Fun With A Cheater
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The Kilt collection has just arrived on Australian shores and have been met with huge enthusiasm. Our field staff have been out and about for the last couple of months testing them in varying Australian conditions with huge success. One such angler, Ian Ferguson has grown a fast appreciation for the versatility and tenacity of the Nordic Stage Cheater. From the seat of his kayak to the banks of skinny water and even offshore Ian has been putting his Cheater to the test on many interesting Australian species. Initial feedback has been great suggesting the rod holds its Nordic Stage reputation by being sensitive and light in the hand, but still being able to pull decent fish backwards in tight terrain. Offshore the rod still has to power for lift and wind necessity of bigger fish as the above Jewy demonstrates. Overall the Cheater is a welcome addition to the stable and we look forward to seeing it more readily in action soon. With an RRP of between $280 and $310 depending on the spec, these ...
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Author: Angus
Published: 2014-10-16
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'Cheating' The Odds
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My recent trip to North Queensland was an awesome opportunity to test some of the new Nordic Stage “Kilt Collection” (due to be released to the Australian market mid 2014). These rods have been a much anticipated addition to the Nordic Stable. Each rod in the range features innovative and in many cases unique technology for the Australian market which, as distributors we find extremely exciting.  All the “Kilts” feature the sensational new Kigan Z guides which have been so successful for us on both our Areal Pro and Dynamic F1 ranges. In addition to this we will be introducing “X-Torque” technology to Australia and we are proud to do so. The "Kilt" of preference up north was to be the Nordic Stage Cheater. This rod appealed as it offered some backbone and fast action desired for tussling with hard hitting fish such as Sooty Grunter in tight terrain. The two models used by me over the week were chosen for their relatively short lengths. Most waterways ...
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Author: Angus
Published: 2014-06-20
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