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Jacks On Kilts...

Well with the new Kilt Collection out in the field as the weather has been warming up one natural target for the Nordic Crew has been mangrove jacks. The Nordic Stage Cheater has been so far extremely successful as spin option for these hard hitting fiesty critters. With the ability to feel super finesse but still punch hard these rods have been employed very successfully with both plastics and suface lures chasing down jacks. Kayak fishermen in particular have been enjoyign the sub 7 foot models and it is the CHS-672M and CHS-692MH that have taking most casulaties in this arena.

It has been in the custom Artist builds however that we have been seeing the crazy results. The Cheater is quite intentially deisgned to tackle hard hitting, brutal fish. However, the Artist, being an ultra finesse light tackle rod is not exactly what we would upsell as a jack rod. Despite this, Ian Ferguson and Ian Goebel using their own respective custom built Nordic Stage Artist rods have been landing some very impressive jacks.

All in all our expectations of great things from the Kilt Collection 

Author: Angus
Published: 2015-12-13
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