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Cheaters Dominate In PNG

Well we just got back from our 2015 PNG trip and what can we say! The trip was amazing and so much more than I hoped it would be. Baia is simply phenomenal offering so many river and bluewater opportunities. The lodge itself was top notch and the fishing was out of this world. Way more surface action than the last trip as well which is always a highlight.

Sef, Henry and myself headed to the furthermost river for our first days foray to cast up some blacks... The blacks were there in good numbers and so were a lot of quality jacks... Henry and I both opted for Nordic Stage Cheater combo's, namely the CHS-672M and CHS-692MH...

On the way to the Torio there were also some good bluewater captures including mahi mahi and yellow fin caught using the Cheaters as well... CHS-772MH, CHS-672M and CHS-692MH doing the damage.

The fish of the trip were caught in a Pandi including a world class fish going to Henry... 36.6lb's of Spot Tail bass caught on his Nordic Stage Cheater CHS-672M... Truly an awesome effort if a bit flukey!

We also got a chance to get right up some stunning rivers and test out the new Nordic Stage Lokion some smaller Spot Tails and Jungle perch. Rods that came with us were the sample models of Loki including LKS-672L, LKS-702ML and LKS-722ULL. All rods handled some very fiesty fish nicely and we look forward to rolling these out to the Australian public!

It was a pretty exciting experience flating down the Kulu river on a blow up matress in crocodile haunted water. Pictured below is a croc that really loved our lures!

I absolutely cannot wait to get back next year!


Author: Angus
Published: 2015-12-08
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