The “Artists” are a range of premium light and ultra-light spinning rods designed by RDL to ensure the highest level of performance. The new ARTIST rods feature an extremely slim and stiff blank, rather unusual in the ultra-light class. The fine, light and stiff tip improves the casting accuracy greatly, while a special blank taper provides an extended casting range. The unique X-Torque technology reduces sideways torque, making casts even more precise. The new tangle-free Kigan 5G guides are extremely light and do not affect the action of the rod. Each rod in the range is designed for specific lures weights and styles, yet also offers a certain amount of versatility within its specialization.
- Ultra-low weight
- Slim and stiff blank for precise casts and total fish control
- Low-resin and high-modulus carbon fibre prepreg
- Tangle-free Kigan 5G guides for extreme weight savings
- Fuji reel seat
- Premium-grade cork handle

  Length (m) Lure
Wt (gr)
Line (lb) Rings Weight (gr) Top
Wt (gr)
This is the correct way to calculate handle width of Nordic Stage rods:
video (kg)
ATS-662ULX 1.98 1-7 2-6 Kigan Titanium 5G 95 10 240 Low Resin+X torque 3 $ 627
ATS-702LX 2.13 1.5-8 2-6 Kigan Titanium 5G 99 11 250 Low Resin+X torque 3 $ 656
ATS-732LX 2.21 2-10 3-8 Kigan Titanium 5G 105 13 280 Low Resin+X torque 4 $ 665
ATS-762LX 2.28 3-12 3-8 Kigan Titanium 5G 112 14 290 Low Resin+X torque 4 $ 682
Jacks On Kilts...
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Well with the new Kilt Collection out in the field as the weather has been warming up one natural target for the Nordic Crew has been mangrove jacks. The Nordic Stage Cheater has been so far extremely successful as spin option for these hard hitting fiesty critters. With the ability to feel super finesse but still punch hard these rods have been employed very successfully with both plastics and suface lures chasing down jacks. Kayak fishermen in particular have been enjoyign the sub 7 foot models and it is the CHS-672M and CHS-692MH that have taking most casulaties in this arena. It has been in the custom Artist builds however that we have been seeing the crazy results. The Cheater is quite intentially deisgned to tackle hard hitting, brutal fish. However, the Artist, being an ultra finesse light tackle rod is not exactly what we would upsell as a jack rod. Despite this, Ian Ferguson and Ian Goebel using their own respective custom built Nordic Stage Artist rods have been landing some very ...
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Author: Angus
Published: 2015-12-13
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Finesse Start To The Barra Season
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Since the barramundi season kicked off a few months ago we have been inundated with awesome pictures of some great barra of Nordic Stage rods. The largest majority of these have been pretty great fish caught on rather finesse gear. The angler's in question have been relying a patience and great skill to pull these beasts from most often quite skinny water. Vinnie Versfeld has been having cracking success using a variety of rods including Nordic Stage Favorites, Areals and Dynamics. Most fish have been getting caught on the surface provding that little extra rush and some very interesting bycatch (pictured below) has been included! Some more of the many Barra Vinnie has been tangling with... Robbie Wells from Sun 2 Sea has also been getting in on the action up in North Qld... Stalking the banks of some pretty rugged waters after the cyclone he managed a fair few heatlhy and dark coloured barra like this one on his Nordic Stage Dynamic... Cracking the code to where the Noosa River ...
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Author: Angus
Published: 2015-03-04
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Nordic Stage “Artist” - The hunt for the Black Bream
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Nordic Stage “Artist” - The hunt for the Black Bream   So over the xmas break i went down to my home town of Narooma in nsw, I only had one goal fishing wise which was to catch my first black bream and it was gonna be on the Nordic Stage Artist, Only having this rod in my quiver for a short time it had not yet been properly blooded on a fish worthy of bragging about, I was gonna be in Narooma for approximately 2 and a half weeks so i had plenty of time to focus on my goal, i also had alot of mates down there with their local knowledge to point me in the right direction, This was also gonna be a battle of Gradpa vs Grandson LOL Well first day my grandpa beat me by catching the first black .... Spewin, I was only able to find small yellowfin bream,  During that week we were put off with some pretty bad weather, so that set us back a bit , after the storms passed we decided to go for a hunt up the tuross river , the water was extremely fresh , you could pretty much drink it , ...
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Author: Jase
Published: 2015-01-31
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Testing the Artist for the first time
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  Picking up the Artist for the first time i had very high expectation for this rod ive firstly noticed how the rod is abit stiffer than the Areal Pro expecially in the tip which will result in alot more accurancy in casting and easier to place the lure where i need it. Unique X-Torque technology in this rod is another massive avantage to my casting abilility when needed for tight areas where i need it less than a foot from my designated target. New tangle free Kigan 5G Guides are extremly benefical and super light weight, when casting ive noticed with these new guides give it alot more line management and has basically elimiated the drama of line tangling around the guides or tip of rod dramaically, New Fuji seat reel is just one of a kind perfectly sits in your hand for maxium comfort with premium grade cork handle which is very durable also very comfortable ...
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Author: Justin
Published: 2014-11-07
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Testing the waters
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It's been a long time between drinks for me and I was quick to say yes when Chris offered to take me out in the bay. The crisp morning and beautiful sunrise of oranges, pinks and blues quickly reminded me of why I love get up a stupid o'clock and do everything I can to get out and fish.                     On board with us today I brought with me a few of the newer rods in our stables so I could continue to learn the details of some that I had already fished with and then to learn the new details in ones that I had yet to fish with. The Areal Pro 7 and Artist 7"6 were the rods I was already familiar with. Both similar on paper but boy are they different in the hand. I'd paired these with an Exist 1003 and Luvito 206 respectively. The Scout 9" 30lb and Dynamic 6"2 14lb were the 2 that I had yet to really play with and I was hoping to really hook up on those to see what they can do under pressure. ...
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Author: Do$tylz
Published: 2014-07-08
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Nordic Stage Artist: A Revelation
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Well we have had some Nordic Stage Artist samples in the country now for a month or so and have been extremely impressed while doing some field tests. With the range due for release at the end of this month, we thought it high time to share some of the finer points relating to this amazing range of rods. Part of the larger “Kilt Collection” range (named for each rods attached “Scottish” tartan), the Artist is the most advanced rod ever manufactured by the Nordic Stage team. Aesthetics aside (which we believe to be phenomenal), there are several points of technology that set it on par with the very best on the market, and in a couple of cases beyond in regards to new and unique tech. Accurate casting under overhangs accounted for this Australian Bass Before going into detail the obvious points must be pointed out. The Nordic Stage Artists are a range of premium light and ultra-light spinning rods, which feature an extremely slim and stiff blank, rather unusual in the ultra-light ...
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Author: Angus
Published: 2014-07-04
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